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Retirement Plans for Businesses

We understand your unique needs because we're business owners, too! We are an Independent Advisor and Fiduciary, and will use our knowledge and resources to recommend best fit solutions for your retirement plan. 

Transparency Matters


Fiduciaries have a duty of loyalty to the plan and must always act in your best interest. We accept this appointment in writing and will help you choose, manage, and monitor your plan investments. 

Investment Selection

Our due diligence process provides diversified investment options and ongoing oversight with verification of ERISA compliance. We'll ensure your plan has investment options to meet the needs of the participants using Mutual Funds/ETFs, Asset Allocation Models, and Target Date Funds. 

Transparent Fees

We are a fee-only firm. We show our fees clearly and transparently. We don't participate in revenue sharing. Instead, we pass those fees back to the plan. 


Our quarterly reports provide ongoing oversight and verify compliance with ERISA's fiduciary requirements. When an investment is not meeting our fiduciary review, we'll provide commentary and recommend a course of action in writing. 


Ask yourself, is my current financial advisor:

  • A fiduciary?

  • Preparing & reviewing the Investment Policy Statement?

  • Choosing plan investments? 

  • Monitoring & providing reports? 

  • Reviewing fees?

  • Advising me about my fiduciary duties & assisting me in meeting them?

  • Providing investment education to my employees?

We are proud to offer:

ERISA 3(21) & 3(38) Fiduciary

Investment Policy Statement drafts & review

Investment selection designed to meet your fiduciary duty

A comprehensive review of fees and plan cost

Financial education for your plan participants

Let us review your plan today at no cost to you!

It's our way of earning your trust.

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